Free! Japan Calendar 2013

Free! Japan Calendar 2014 for Android

- Display 12 months calendar for 2014
- Click for enlarge target month
- Show holiday for each month which enlarge
- Automatic to Year 2015 when end of 2014
Very Simple

1-Jan-13 New Year’s Day
2-Jan-13 January 2 Bank Holiday
3-Jan-13 January 3 Bank Holiday
14-Jan-13 Coming of Age Day
11-Feb-13 National Foundation Day
20-Mar-13 Spring Equinox
29-Apr-13 Shōwa Day
3-May-13 Constitution Memorial Day
4-May-13 Greenery Day
5-May-13 Children’s Day
6-May-13 ‘Children’s Day’ observed
15-Jul-13 Sea Day
16-Sep-13 Respect for the Aged Day
23-Sep-13 Autumn Equinox
14-Oct-13 Sports Day
3-Nov-13 Culture Day
4-Nov-13 ‘Culture Day’ observed
23-Nov-13 Labor Thanksgiving Day
23-Dec-13 Emperor’s Birthday
31-Dec-13 December 31 Bank Holiday